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traditional house and Japanese culture

About us

Living with Japanese natural heritage

traditional house and Japanese cultureWe have been running a company called “Viajes” to preserve the traditional house and Japanese culture with our young generation’s brand new ideas. We offer a space for people get together. This house is called “Tsubomi” which means a flower bud. We dream of a day we can see various beautiful flowers here. We hope to see big smiles of people who share our activities together.

“Tsubomi” is almost 70 year-old typical Japanese House.
There are paper sliding doors, a paper lantern, and also a special back yard with a stone lantern and big trees. You can sit back and relax.
traditional house and Japanese culture
We run Viajes inc to reserve the traditions and culture house of Kamakura and also we offer a confortable Japanese space.
traditional house and Japanese culture

Origin Program

Yukata,Calligraphy,Hand-rolled sushi

Currently we offer some activities for foreign people such as a calligraphy class and a Sushi cooking class with shopping at a local fish market by the beach.
Moreover, we can dress the foreign visitors in Yukata or Kimono and take the photos of them. If you like, we can offer to guide you to Great Buddha or Hasedera temple and so on.

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Viajes Inc. Hase 2-4-2, Tak Kmakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0016 JAPAN
phone:(090)7232-5620 (Okuntani)